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Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.02 (2022)

Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.02 (2022) Animation Many European governments are examining whether they can deport Syrian refugees. With the absurd argument: #Syria is a safe country.   The reasons why Syrians are still forced to flee are completely ignored.   To this day, at least tens of thousands are in the regime’s torture… Continue reading Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.02 (2022)

Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.01 (2022)

Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.01 (2022) Animation Stories from Shafik’s Life – Living conditions in Syria   Civilian protests are currently flaring up again on the streets of the southern Syrian city of Suwaida. The protesters are not only demanding democratization and elementary rights, but are also directed against state corruption and the increasingly… Continue reading Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.01 (2022)

What if? Syria Ten Years (2021)

What if? Syria Ten Years Animation / Documentary Ten years ago chants of freedom rang across Syria as brave protestors took to the streets demanding democracy and dignity. But what if the world had listened to their demands?   We asked seven Syrian activists to imagine what their world would look like today had Bashar… Continue reading What if? Syria Ten Years (2021)

Four Acts for Syria (2019)

Four Acts for Syria Short Film | Animation | Poetry Eleven years ago, the Syrian conflict started, one of the most tragic conflicts in the Middle East, taking many victims and causing untold suffering.   Syria, an ancient culture, has historically been a country of great diversity. Syrian co-creators Kevork Mourad (of Armenian descent)… Continue reading Four Acts for Syria (2019)

Stadt, Licht & Bewegung (2016)

Stadt, Licht & Bewegung Experimental Short Film As someone from the Middle East, when I first came to Germany, I was fascinated by everything I saw, the architecture, the nature and the people. I wanted to somehow capture this feeling while it was still fresh.I was interested in the concept of the city in an… Continue reading Stadt, Licht & Bewegung (2016)

Wadi Al Nasara (2016)

Wadi Al Nasara Short Film | Documentary An absent side from Syria, lost in the midst of the uproar that is ongoing there. Wadi Al-Nasara which means “Valley of Christians” is an area in western Syria. Most people in the area are Eastern Orthodox Christians. All footage was shot on location in 2010, edited for… Continue reading Wadi Al Nasara (2016)

Transition (2015)

Transition Short Film | Experimental A short experimental film that I’ve did for Imago Mundi Art’s collection “Syria Off Frame”.   The assignment was to do a 1-minute experimental film, using only the mobile phone camera, and doing it in one shot with no cut or edit.   © 2015 Similar Projects​​ Stadt, Licht &… Continue reading Transition (2015)

H₂O (2015)

H₂O (Find Your Center) Short Film | Experimental A short experimental film based on an observation that I had.   Created for the Weekend Challenge.   © 2016 Similar Projects​​ Stadt, Licht & Bewegung (2016) Transition (2015) < Back

In Damascus (2014)

In Damascus Short Film | Poetry This film is about Damascus, an 11,000 years old city, the most ancient & precious of cities, set to the poetry of the world-famous Palestinian poet / author Mahmoud Darwish. More than three years have passed since the idea inception up to this moment.   This project was my… Continue reading In Damascus (2014)

Self Imprisonment (2014)

Self Imprisonment Short Film | Fiction A strayed man on a deserted place looking for shelter and he faces the strangest coincidence.   I’ve started this (Zero-Budget) project during my stay in Jordan early in 2012 with my friends Beabars Appesh and Mohammad Jabasini as Actors, unfortunately, due to being unsettled, work and travel, we… Continue reading Self Imprisonment (2014)