Filmmaker & Animator

Stadt, Licht & Bewegung

Experimental Short Film

As someone from the Middle East, when I first came to Germany, I was fascinated by everything I saw, the architecture, the nature and the people. I wanted to somehow capture this feeling while it was still fresh.
I was interested in the concept of the city in an abstract way. I wanted to experiment with the city from an unconventional perspective, so I divided the film into three chapters, each with a different focus, and that’s how the film City, Light & Movement came to be. The film is shot in Darmstadt, Germany.


I had the honour to work with three talented musicians on the soundtrack; each of whom composed the music for one chapter of the film:
1st Movement music by Markus Nestele
2nd Movement music by Suad Bushnaq
3rd Movement music by Abel Okugawa


© 2016

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