Filmmaker & Animator

On the Mountain of Mercy

Animation Short

“On the Mountain of Mercy” is a visual artwork by film director and animator Waref Abu Quba and written by Saleema Al Mazrouei. The film uses modern animation techniques such as A.I. animation and the flash-cut technique to create a visual journey inspired by the universal message and meanings of the farewell sermon of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.


This film was produced with the generous support of Albadr Festival and premiered during the festival’s second edition.


🎬 Design, Animation & Directed by: Waref Abu Quba @warefquba
✍️ Script: Saleema Al Mazrouei @_awdaj
📜 Subtitles: Habib Toumi @habibtoumi
🤖 A.I. Animation: Ghaith Adib @ghaith.adib
🎙️ Voice Over: Ahmad Tarek @soundeals
🎵 Sound Design & Mixing: Alex Story @frightfulocean


All rights reserved ©️2023
Albadr Festival @albaderae

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