Filmmaker & Animator

Better Together Than Alone? (2022)

Besser gemeinsam als einsam? Documentary​ “Better together than alone?” Insights into the intentional communities scene in Darmstadt. The film shows an impressive insight into the life of three different housing projects in the Lincoln Siedlung. They are representative of the nine intentional communities in Darmstadt. The film was premiered and enthusiastically received at the Housing… Continue reading Better Together Than Alone? (2022)

Buycycle | Promo (2022)

Buycycle | Promo Editing | Grading pre owned. certified. delivered.   I had a lot of fun working with my friend Ewald Breit on editing, color correcting and finishing this promo for Buycycle. He gave me the absolute freedom to try new things and edit it the way I see fit 🙂   Director: Ewald… Continue reading Buycycle | Promo (2022)

Halva – The Breakfast Bulgar (2022)

Halva | The Breakfast Bulgar Music Video “The Breakfast Bulgar” is the opening piece of Halva’s album “Dinner in Sofia”.   Composition: Nicolaas Cottenie,   Camera:Sint-Baafsabdij Gent: Shalan AlhamwyAltes Hallenbad Friedberg: Waref Abu QubaBreakfast scenes: Merijn Landuyt   Editing and colour correction by Waref Abu Quba   Music Recorded @ Number Nine Studio’s… Continue reading Halva – The Breakfast Bulgar (2022)

Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.02 (2022)

Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.02 (2022) Animation Many European governments are examining whether they can deport Syrian refugees. With the absurd argument: #Syria is a safe country.   The reasons why Syrians are still forced to flee are completely ignored.   To this day, at least tens of thousands are in the regime’s torture… Continue reading Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.02 (2022)

AMR | Atmospheric Methane Removal (2022)

AMR – Atmospheric Methane Removal Promo AMR is a Swiss engineering startup developing the technology of Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Oxidation (EAMO).  Client: AMR AGConcept: Waref Abu Quba & Ed LowesFilm by: Waref Abu Quba © 2022 Similar Projects​​ ShopCash App | Promos (2021) Siemens | Cerberus Pace (2020) The Middle Line | Opener 2… Continue reading AMR | Atmospheric Methane Removal (2022)

Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.01 (2022)

Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.01 (2022) Animation Stories from Shafik’s Life – Living conditions in Syria   Civilian protests are currently flaring up again on the streets of the southern Syrian city of Suwaida. The protesters are not only demanding democratization and elementary rights, but are also directed against state corruption and the increasingly… Continue reading Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.01 (2022)

Ministry of Media | Foundation Day (2022)

Ministry of Media | Foundation Day Grading / CGI Client: Ministry of MediaCreative & Production: CARBONExecutive Producer: Mouaz Al HamamiProducer: Alaa Muhamad AliCreative Director: Nasser Al SaeedDirector: Malek Al HamamiContent Producer: Abdullah AlmuhaylanCopywriter: Mahmoud NajiDOP: Ahmad AlthahabDrone Operator: Abdullah FarhanDrone Operator: Marwan Al JammazSenior CG Artist: Abdulrahman AlbakushSenior CG Artist: Ahmad AbdulazizSenior CG Artist &… Continue reading Ministry of Media | Foundation Day (2022)

What if? Syria Ten Years (2021)

What if? Syria Ten Years Animation / Documentary Ten years ago chants of freedom rang across Syria as brave protestors took to the streets demanding democracy and dignity. But what if the world had listened to their demands?   We asked seven Syrian activists to imagine what their world would look like today had Bashar… Continue reading What if? Syria Ten Years (2021)

MANN+HUMMEL | OurAir (2021)

MANN+HUMMEL | The Story of OurAir Corporate / Product Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the importance of healthy air quality has been reaching new levels.   Client: MANN+HUMMEL Production Company: Vollbild Film Producer: Delphine Müller Director: Waref Abu Quba DoP: Thilo Jäger Creative Director: Gérard Schwarz Post-Production: Waref Abu Quba   © 2021 Similar Projects​… Continue reading MANN+HUMMEL | OurAir (2021)

Kion Group | Powerup (2021)

Kion Group | Powerup Infographic Client: Kion GroupProduction: Vollbild FilmDirector: Waref Abu QubaAnimator: Nart Alkass©2021 Similar Projects​​ FPS Law | Weihnachtsgruß (2021) ElektroMobilität NRW (2021) Techem | Explainers (2021) Sparda Bank | Secure App (2021) More … < Back