Filmmaker & Animator

Pink Floyd’s Animation Competition (2023)

PINK FLOYD | Animation Competition Music Video These are four animationa I did for as my entry for Pink Floyd’s the Dark Side of the Moon 50th-anniversary animation competition. Animated & Directed by: Waref Abu Quba Song: Brain Damage & Speak to Me, On the Run & Eclipse Rights reserved ©2023 Brain Damage & Spreak to Me (AI)… Continue reading Pink Floyd’s Animation Competition (2023)

On the Mountain of Mercy (2023)

TAKRAR Experimental Short Film “TAKRAR” is an experimental film that celebrates the timeless and intricate beauty of ancient craftsmanship. Filmed in Istanbul, the film takes us on a mesmerizing journey into the past, paying homage to Islamic, Ottoman, Greek, and Byzantine art forms. It’s hard to believe that I have finished working on this film,… Continue reading On the Mountain of Mercy (2023)

AI Video Studies (2023)

AI Video Studies (2023) Editing + AI Generated Images This is a series of video and animation sketches that I am creating with the help of AI generative tools. Similar Projects​​ TAKRAR (2023) Static Movement (2023) collage i: vienna (2023) Stories from Shafik’s Life – EP.02 (2022) More … < Back