Filmmaker & Animator

Darmstädter Biochar (2024)

Darmstädter Biochar Documentary​ Cutdowns Darmstädter Biochar​   The EAD in Darmstadt, The City of Science, is constantly looking for solutions to improve life for everyone. For example, this film about Darmstädter Biochar and its contribution to climate protection provides one answer.   Filmed, edited & directed by:Waref Abu Quba   2nd camera & producer:Ewald… Continue reading Darmstädter Biochar (2024)

Better Together Than Alone? (2022)

Besser gemeinsam als einsam? Documentary​ “Better together than alone?” Insights into the intentional communities scene in Darmstadt. The film shows an impressive insight into the life of three different housing projects in the Lincoln Siedlung. They are representative of the nine intentional communities in Darmstadt. The film was premiered and enthusiastically received at the Housing… Continue reading Better Together Than Alone? (2022)

MANN+HUMMEL | OurAir (2021)

MANN+HUMMEL | The Story of OurAir Corporate / Product Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the importance of healthy air quality has been reaching new levels.   Client: MANN+HUMMEL Production Company: Vollbild Film Producer: Delphine Müller Director: Waref Abu Quba DoP: Thilo Jäger Creative Director: Gérard Schwarz Post-Production: Waref Abu Quba   © 2021 Similar Projects​… Continue reading MANN+HUMMEL | OurAir (2021)

Treiber Trays (2020)

Treiber Trays Corporate / Product Corporate Video: Product Films: Client: Treiber TraysProduction Company: Vollbild FilmDirector: Waref Abu QubaProducer: Alexandra FranzkeDoP: Jean-Marc JungeCreative Director: Gérard SchwarzPost-Production: Waref Abu Quba   © 2020 Similar Projects​ Better Together Than Alone? (2022) MANN+HUMMEL | OurAir (2021) WeTheSouk (2019) Wir in Darmstadt (2018) More … < Back

Wir in Darmstadt (2018)

Staatstheater | Wir in Darmstadt Documentary This film was made for the “Große Darmstädter Gespräche 2017”, for Staatstheater Darmstadt. In this film, we portray people from Darmstadt that tell us about their everyday lives: the neighbor, the postman, the cashier in the supermarket …   Concept: Roman Schmitz, Daniel Sax, Waref Abu Quba Interviewer: Roman… Continue reading Wir in Darmstadt (2018)

AL-ULA: The Place of Heritage for the World (2018)

AL-ULA: The Place of Heritage for the World Documentary Take a journey through a living museum of preserved tombs, sandstone outcrops, historic dwellings and monuments, both natural and human-made, that hold 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been a crossroads of ancient civilizations — a place of… Continue reading AL-ULA: The Place of Heritage for the World (2018)