Filmmaker & Animator

Better Together Than Alone? (2022)

Besser gemeinsam als einsam? Documentary​ “Better together than alone?” Insights into the intentional communities scene in Darmstadt. The film shows an impressive insight into the life of three different housing projects in the Lincoln Siedlung. They are representative of the nine intentional communities in Darmstadt. The film was premiered and enthusiastically received at the Housing… Continue reading Better Together Than Alone? (2022)

Äußeres Ensemble | Tiny Haus (2021)

Äußeres Ensemble Portrait Concept: Anouschka SarafzadeA Film by: Waref Abu Quba Projektstipendien: Gefördert im Rahmen des Kulturförderprogramms „Hessen kulturell neu eröffnen“ © 2021 Similar Projects​ Besser gemeinsam als einsam? (2022) WeTheSouk (2019) Wir in Darmstadt (2018) < Back

WeTheSouk (2019)

WeTheSouk Crowdfunding Video For the past 8 years, Syria suffered from a devastating conflict which brought the souk to the verge of collapse. Many workshops are closed, and some ancient crafts have disappeared. WeTheSouk is an initiative created by my friend Zouher Adwan to help Syrian artisans through these difficult times.   A film by:… Continue reading WeTheSouk (2019)

Wir in Darmstadt (2018)

Staatstheater | Wir in Darmstadt Documentary This film was made for the “Große Darmstädter Gespräche 2017”, for Staatstheater Darmstadt. In this film, we portray people from Darmstadt that tell us about their everyday lives: the neighbor, the postman, the cashier in the supermarket …   Concept: Roman Schmitz, Daniel Sax, Waref Abu Quba Interviewer: Roman… Continue reading Wir in Darmstadt (2018)