Filmmaker & Animator

Self Imprisonment (2014)

Self Imprisonment Short Film | Fiction A strayed man on a deserted place looking for shelter and he faces the strangest coincidence.   I’ve started this (Zero-Budget) project during my stay in Jordan early in 2012 with my friends Beabars Appesh and Mohammad Jabasini as Actors, unfortunately, due to being unsettled, work and travel, we… Continue reading Self Imprisonment (2014)

Silent Thoughts (2009)

Silent Thoughts Short Film | Clay Animation An old man struggling daily with his writer’s block, or is he afraid to write?   Directed by: Waref Abu Quba & Antoine Entabi. Music by: Markus Nestele Sponsored by the General Secretariat of Damascus, Arab Capital of Culture, in 2008.   WINNER | Bronze award for short… Continue reading Silent Thoughts (2009)