Filmmaker & Animator

Stadt, Licht & Bewegung (2016)

Stadt, Licht & Bewegung Experimental Short Film As someone from the Middle East, when I first came to Germany, I was fascinated by everything I saw, the architecture, the nature and the people. I wanted to somehow capture this feeling while it was still fresh.I was interested in the concept of the city in an… Continue reading Stadt, Licht & Bewegung (2016)

Transition (2015)

Transition Short Film | Experimental A short experimental film that I’ve did for Imago Mundi Art’s collection “Syria Off Frame”.   The assignment was to do a 1-minute experimental film, using only the mobile phone camera, and doing it in one shot with no cut or edit.   © 2015 Similar Projects​​ Stadt, Licht &… Continue reading Transition (2015)

H₂O (2015)

H₂O (Find Your Center) Short Film | Experimental A short experimental film based on an observation that I had.   Created for the Weekend Challenge.   © 2016 Similar Projects​​ Stadt, Licht & Bewegung (2016) Transition (2015) < Back