Filmmaker & Animator

Stories from Shafik's Life - EP.02 (2022)


Many European governments are examining whether they can deport Syrian refugees. With the absurd argument: #Syria is a safe country.


The reasons why Syrians are still forced to flee are completely ignored.


To this day, at least tens of thousands are in the regime’s torture cells, and the Secret Service’s enforced disappearance strategy continues unabated every day to further intimidate and coerce the population into obedience.


In the second Episode of the video series “Stories from Shafik’s Life,” we joined Visions4Syria in recounting aspects of Shafik’s life


Sponsor: Rosa Luxemburger Foundation & Visions4Syria
Illustration & Creative Direction: Salam Alhassan
Animation, Post-Production & Director: Waref Abu Quba



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